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So i am at the point in my life where i think i know enough about the graphics world and photography that i want to start teaching others what i know, so i want to do something that not many people are versed in. HDR or (high dynamic range) images, most know what it is by know but for those who dont its the art of taking images bracketing them so 1 really dark 1 medium i correct 1 medium exposed and one thats almost over exposed, is the easiest way i can put it without getting into tech terms, so here is my question, how much do i charge at first. i am no were near tray ratchliff's fame but i can do just as good of a image as he can, so do i charge half what he charges which is he charges $1000, for i think a 3 hour  walk threw session or something like that. Now i think for learning what he can do and being able to teach that in 3 hours for 500 would be a bergen dont you?? but with my small town their arnt too many people around so i would love to do just a small class for like 150 per person but if thats all thats going to show up and never again i dont think it would be enough to do 150 for 3 hours, id maybe do like a 1 hr session... if any of this makes sense i need help lol, just let me know what you guys think...

im also going to try and give workshops in, Cinema4d, traditional arts (pencil,chalks,oil,watercolor, sculpt...) photos and photoshop basics... i know way more so if their are any ideas swing them my way.
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so i realized sometimes im happiest just sitting at home watching tv being bored.  Well the things is every time this happens without fail, someone will call me with a dire emergency that somehow can not wait, then when i get to were they are they just wanted to hang out... i get mad then leave and go home... back to my boredom that i think i earned. Is this something other people have happen as well or and i just that crazy.
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i want to be youtube famous.

Mon Sep 7, 2009, 7:11 PM
live 3d tv show...

soo ive been on youtube for a while but im not getting anywhere and my subs suck :( what should i do i need help check it out and sub to me just to help me out lol.

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Fri Mar 27, 2009, 9:41 AM
live 3d tv show...

i need change i need something new i will change i will...

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Thu Sep 4, 2008, 6:09 PM
live 3d tv show...

ok i want to see if you guys would want to watch me make random 3d things. render it and whatever just me playing around in random 3d programs... trying to make new stuff, and you guys could request stuff talk to me about stuff ask me to go over steps and things like that... who would be up for it???

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do to pop demand a tutorial...

Tue Jul 29, 2008, 12:49 PM

so here is what i would like from you guys. pick out an image in my gallery and i will make a tutorial over it, and ill try and do it as best i can... so just send me a message in this or whatever with the image you guys want and ill start asap... :)

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writing a book

Thu Oct 18, 2007, 9:46 AM

i am going to be writing a book soon i will keep you updated as it goes
but the title will be desided at a later date and subject matter will be released with the title... stay tuned

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Sun Oct 1, 2006, 2:23 PM

i really want to go to vegas
i want to make money and i know i can i just have to go thier
its dumb i just have to go but their is something
that just keeps me in the damn town i cant get away
i feel like im freaking jim carry in the truman show or something
ever time im about to go somewere i get stuck here
anyways comment if you want i dont care

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in no mood for this crap

Sat May 13, 2006, 2:02 PM
GIRLS SUCK:eatshit:

so im sitting thier right and i sit... and sit... so i sit thier for about 8 hours and she does not call but in the time i was sitting their its not like it did not call her i called 3 times i dont know if that was to many or not enough of what but all i do know is now when me and her talk all we have to say is hey whats up how was your day and thats it i think she went back with her ex or some crap she sucked anyways, are their any girls out thier that want to date that is reading this crap right now here is what i like. She must love to watch movies and go out to eat done thats it if thats you come on down your the winner well anyways im done with this journal good bye text me if you interested

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i am moving, no date, dont know were, please dont be sad when i am gone...
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somtimes i feel like a nut, sometimes you dont, almund joys got nuts, mounds dont. lol i love that song.
something differnt is what i need
i dont know what but im really thinking about it hard and when it comes to me ill tell someone and then they will tell someone and everyone will know that steven is doing something differnt so watch out for that ok ill be changeing something soon
austin is the shit if seen more in one day at ut then i have seen in my hole life in midland its great thats all i have to say its great.
i am thinking about doing something new give me ideas.dont trust anyone suspect everyone
i just finished version 3 check it out...dont trust anyone suspect everyone
i am working on a new verson of my why or why not series i think i am going to have a little bit more 2d work on it and make it a differnt color then the others, it will be the 3rd in the series hope you will like them when they come out.dont trust anyone suspect everyone
i just did a collab with konsoul and he is a baddass he takes things twist them up and you would never know what the hell hit you but he is just starting out so he just going to get beter. visit the collab at its called sothis


he did the render i did some colormodification and 2d work. i like it a lot

check it out dont trust anyone suspect everyone
hello to all that visit my page.  thanks
all i want is to be featured what does it take anyone please i would like to know.
I go to school to get an education, I go for the freinds I go to see what going on but do I really care about the school,


it sucks